@pgkr oh yeah, I miss iTunes that feature a lot. Jiggle mode gets really annoying after 3 minutes.

@pgkr thank you. My wife says she can’t look at me anymore. She says she’s joking but words hurt 😢.

@dejus Thank you for that.

@dejus thank you. I really needed that this morning.

@maique let me know what you think, please

@Gabz I’m sure 2% are posts about other posts that I follow. Which works for me.

@JohnPhilpin Happy Un-Birthday to you as well!

// @danielpunkass

@danielpunkass You’re welcome. Sorry I missed the original date and I wish you a happy un-birthday!

@dejus I thought about doing something with that. I’ll look into it again.

@danielpunkass Happy Birthday!

@macgenie I’m not surprised that a game that comes up with mean things to say would have to come a culture like that.

@maique I hope that your day gets better.

@yorrike I like a lot of those things, but I think my core is probably disco.

@yorrike At this rate, we're going to need a bigger boat.

@maique Thank you! For me, it was part of a different mindset of what is picture worthy.

@yorrike I see what you did there. 5/5

@rosemaryorchard @sunman61 It will make the chocolate 🍫 that much sweeter!

@JohnPhilpin So I have to use Math!?

Just kidding. Thanks for the response and simple solution.

@help is there a way to see if I’m close to the 30 day photo challenge?

@jessy Good luck with that. I'm lucky to write 250 words in a day.

@bitdepth Have you tried the beyond burgers 🍔?

@kitt yes, I use it as my “fun” browser. When use it, I’m only goofing off.

I haven’t signed up for anything from them.

@Bruce Really happy that someone got the reference!

@jmreekes you pass!

@philly thank you!