If you haven’t noticed already, I’m trying to post a picture every day for 30 days.

Father's day mug.

Hello @manton! Would it be easy for you to implement a trim on the accessibility description?

I use the double tapping of the space bar to write a period. It shows up when I use the JavaScript sidebar on my site.

Super, super nit picky.

Accessibilty description meta info.

The only good bug 🐜 is a dead bug!

Ants going to a trap.

Turkey Bur

Making turkey burgers 🍔

So many dishes!

Pots and pans stacked up.

Getting dressed up to see the dentist 🦷

Me wearing a tie.

More pictures of flowers.

Yellow flowers. Purple and white flowers. a red rose.

About to hang up some pictures in the house.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on top of things like this.

Omnifocus review.

Color challenge blue

The blue sky.

Went for a walk with my new iPhone SE.

by the riverpurple flowersred flowers. Yellow flowers.

Color challenge


some bush

Color challenge day 3 Yellow Ethernet cord

Yellow ethernet cord

Color challenge 🌈

Orange 🛋

orange couch in office

Color challenge 🌈

Red mouse.

I found an Ant.

Ant climbing a wall.

“Ms. Monopoly”

The older cook books seem to have the better recipes.

Cook book made in 1978.

Cake time!

Coffee cake.

Got to clean up the back area today.

Bikes exposed to the weather. Bags of bags.

Picked up my sleep apnea test machine.

Sleep apnea test over my mask.

Quarantine Corndogs!

Box of corndogs.

Shrinkflation on the cream found in an oreo.

I guess I have to get them double stuffed.

Two oreo cookies.

An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough.

-Stephen Colbert #mbmay 💬

I bought flowers from my favorite flower 🌺 shop.

Flower shop.