Went to bed feeling anguished.

A nonsense post with a clip from Apple’s clips app.

Working on system is o post mind maps

work in progress.

image of a kind map

My daughter wants to watch “Stranger Things”. I’m going to let her because it’s less scary than what is going on in the world.

Stay Safe.

This is my office space.

Wooden chair.

Chilling in the dentist office.

Me wearing sun glasses.

Palm tree 🌴 in front of my dentist’s office.

Palm tree witha solar flare.

I just hope that “after this” things will get better. But how long is “after this” and “what am I going to do now” are just questions I don’t have answers to.


Got to turn this around.

Graph of my weight gain.

30 day photo challenge pin.

I finally got my 30 day challenge pin!

Went for a walk to a nearby fountain.

Fountian of water. Trees and stuff. Vine growing on a fence.

Feeling a little chubby today.

Me with multiple hats.

My watch doesn’t work anymore.

Watch with no display.

Drop-in switcher for previewing minimal CSS frameworks

I’ve got a real interest in simple interfaces and came across this recently.

Drop-in switcher for previewing minimal CSS frameworks This is a quick drop-in CSS switcher to allow for previewing some of the many minimal CSS-only frameworks that are available. See the demo or drop the switcher into your own page to see how different frameworks would look together with your content. Link: [github.com/dohliam/d...](https://github.com/dohliam/dropin-minimal-css)

I’m currently redisigning my website and will probably use one of these as a starting point.

Made cheese burgers 🍔

Condiments on my burger. A plate of bacon. Lettuce and tomato. Gouda and bison patties. Bison ready to be shaped.

Made a little picture in my journal.

A picture of a flower.

Can you see the baby turkey 🦃

Baby turkeys.

Took a different approach to my journal today. I set a timer for 10 minutes and just kept writing. Most times I just write until the thought stops.

We got a new bench.

Metal bench.

My family made cinnamon rolls. Usually, I’m the baker 👨🏿‍🍳 of the family.

Cinnimon rolls.

More pictures of the park during quarantine. It seems remarkable that I was more worried about the power lines back then.

Powerlines over the park. Closed off park. Closed off swing.

A brisk walk.

Runkeeper stats.

Going for a walk.