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2020-11-24: What’s Going Up? Getting back into my podcasts.

2020-11-24: Every other day, it feels like I log into mastodon and see this kind of error.

2020-11-22: Playing with PeerTube Recently, YouTube had an outage and I saw someone mention PeerTube on Reddit. It got me a curious …

2020-11-22: Random thought: I’m going to attempt to us my non-dominant hand more often.

2020-11-18: Bought some comic trades.

2020-11-18: The internet wasn’t working this morning and it made it one of the most productive mornings …

2020-11-16: messing-around Sometimes... I wonder why I have so much trouble on focusing on what is important.

2020-11-16: For some reason, this looked interesting to me.

2020-11-16: What’s New in Hazel 5 – Noodlesoft Hazel 5 is out. My first reaction on hearing the news was a dread that it had moved on to needing a …

2020-11-14: Just realized that part of the reason that my day wasn’t going so well is that I didn’t spend …

2020-11-13: Oh fantastical, if only I hade my life together enough to justify paying for you.

2020-11-13: Empty Software Dialog I saw the little red alert on my system preferences that there is a new update. I’m going to …

2020-11-12: Went for a walk this evening. I want to get out here before the weather changes.

2020-11-12: It seemed like so long ago…

2020-11-11: Microblogvember challenge Prompt: say Say what you will, but Pancakes 🥞 might be one of the greatest …

2020-11-10: I thought I would try to use clips again.

2020-11-10: Microblogvember challenge Prompt: elderly I hope one day, when I’m elderly, that this year …

2020-11-09: I’ve decided to put all of my technical projects on hold for the rest of the year.

2020-11-09: Microblogvember challenge Prompt: force Procrastination is a horrible force that can make you miss …

2020-11-09: I found a copy of one of my favorite childhood movies. I remember watching this video a LOT and …

2020-11-08: Almost convinced the wife to buy a PlayStation 5 so that the kids can play with the VR capabilities. …

2020-11-08: NaNoWriMo status This is me attempting to post my NaNoWriMo status image from the files application.

2020-11-08: I went for a long walk today

2020-11-03: A self portrait

2020-11-03: Hello @help i keep getting this error when I attempt to post using the sunlit app. I’ll plug 🔌 my …

2020-11-03: I’m feeding the little squirrel in my backyard. It’s really malnourished and the tail isn’t as …

2020-11-02: I deleted my Twitter app. I figured it would not be good for my mental health as we go into the …

2020-11-02: Microblogvember challenge Prompt: concentrate I’m having trying my best to concentrate on my goals …

2020-10-31: Microblogvember challenge Prompt: Dreary I’m having my favorite dinner, pizza, but I’m still feeling …

2020-10-30: The house is kind of mess with all the things we ‘think’ we need plus we’re dog watching.

2020-10-27: Prepping for NaNoWriMo I’m getting ready for NaNoWriMo this year. I’m really nervous about this because I …

2020-10-27: I understand that Big Sur isn’t here because they are probably waiting for the Apple Silicone …

2020-10-22: Feeling a little bogged down and saw this windmill.

2020-10-22: Went for a walk today. The leaves are turning brown. Normally I’d think of it as being picturesque …

2020-10-17: Giving up on the dream. Decided to find a new home for my tech books.

2020-10-14: At home is Sacramento, CA (USA) 7:47 AM and it’s somebody’s birthday 🎈 A Day In The Life …

2020-10-13: Checking out the squirrels in my backyard here in Sacramento, Ca. A Day In The Life. 🗓🌎

2020-10-12: Trying to find the post from a couple days ago where someone was talking about a nice place to live. …

2020-10-12: I suspect a lot of people don’t know how to go about owning a home. Being part of “Generation Rent”, …

2020-10-11: Episodes For The Future Starting the podcast up again.

2020-10-05: I want to recommend @dejus for micro Monday! His pictures have certainly brighten my days.

2020-09-29: Today is the presidential debate. I think @manton planned the new release so that way so we can use …

2020-09-21: Running iOS 14 and this is the first time I felt the GM was buggier than the beta.

2020-09-20: Making a picture.

2020-09-19: Went for a walk in the smog

2020-09-15: This story got me.

2020-09-14: Making The Most Of It Taking a moment to talk about where I am today.

2020-09-09: Dirty air… Worst than what you see in the science fiction movies about a future distopia.

2020-09-08: This book just came in. I’m hoping to use it as my first book entry for

2020-09-08: The Signal To Start Quick musings about how we sometimes need that signal to stop and start.

2020-09-03: Short Thoughts On A Bigger World A short podcast on where I’m at today.

2020-09-01: The First Episode Is The Most Awkward This is actually my second podcast. The first one never got to see the light of the internet. The …

2020-09-01: A Picture of the yard.

2020-09-01: I disconnected my twitter account from because I want to start filling this with podcasts …

2020-08-27: I figured I would play around with clips again.

2020-08-25: Got update the css on the blog One of the things about having a personal blog without analytics is that you don’t really know …

2020-08-18: Today, I’m going to spend a lot of time going through my own Today, I’m going to spend a lot of time going through my own documents and knocking off some todo …

2020-08-14: Horrible day. It could be sooooo much worse but s#!+ today really sucks.

2020-08-10: This is not ok.

2020-08-04: That is new.

2020-08-03: I’ve been very negligent in the last couple weeks and now I’ve got 36 items in my todo box and …

2020-07-23: My daughter looked at the console while playing Minecraft and I was impressed that she was able to …

2020-07-20: We are having meatloaf to dinner!

2020-07-19: Shocking!

2020-07-19: Just spending a minute with my thoughts. I’m going to do some push-ups and then clean up the …

2020-07-18: I was talking to a neighbor and they said “I have nothing under control”. None of us do.

2020-07-15: I wrote about how I couldn’t do something because I’m in America. I never thought I would write a …

2020-07-07: Poked my head outside my bubble. It’s rough out there, but I cling to the belief that things are …

2020-07-07: Keep safe.

2020-07-05: Lots of typos today. 🤦🏾‍♂️

2020-07-05: I cut off.

2020-07-05: I’m at a recycling center I’m at the recycling center. They give you tags with a number and you get …

2020-06-30: I’m using exercise as my stress relief. I set myself up to lose 30 pounds in the next year. I’ve …

2020-06-26: Finished!

2020-06-26: Went for a morning walk.

2020-06-25: Intel’s stock is really taking a hit.

2020-06-23: Went for a walk. It was 90+ degrees.

2020-06-23: I remember that last year people were talking about the reliability of the iOS betas. That’s not a …

2020-06-22: My favorite new feature? A new date picker!

2020-06-22: My podcast feeds are going to be filled for the next couple of weeks.

2020-06-22: No humans were hurt during the creation of this keynote.

2020-06-22: This is a pretty good keynote so far.

2020-06-21: I saw a guy riding a bike and holding two chainsaws. I said “only in America“ and he smiled and said …

2020-06-18: Hey! If there wasn’t enough stress in my life.

2020-06-16: The family has challenged me to take smaller bites as I eat. Now life has no meaning.

2020-06-14: 1000 things!

2020-06-14: Went for a walk to just relieve some stress.

2020-06-12: I say this too many times.

2020-06-11: My brain 🧠 hurts today. Found myself yelling at the screen because someone used comic sans in an …

2020-06-09: Mold on mold.

2020-06-08: Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main - Scott Hanselman I remember a speech I …

2020-06-07: After “last night”, I think this is appropriate.

2020-06-07: It’s 3:50 AM. The wife and I have been talking for the last 2 hours about where we are in life and …

2020-06-06: Went for a bike 🚲 ride.

2020-06-04: Went to bed feeling anguished.

2020-06-04: A nonsense post with a clip from Apple’s clips app.

2020-06-03: Working on system is o post mind maps

2020-06-03: image of a kind map

2020-06-03: My daughter wants to watch “Stranger Things”. I’m going to let her because it’s less scary than what …

2020-06-02: Stay Safe.

2020-06-02: This is my office space.

2020-06-01: Chilling in the dentist office.

2020-06-01: Palm tree 🌴 in front of my dentist’s office.

2020-06-01: I just hope that “after this” things will get better. But how long is “after this” and “what am I …

2020-05-31: Hmmmm… Got to turn this around.

2020-05-31: I finally got my 30 day challenge pin!

2020-05-30: Went for a walk to a nearby fountain.

2020-05-29: Feeling a little chubby today.

2020-05-28: My watch doesn’t work anymore.

2020-05-28: Drop-in switcher for previewing minimal CSS frameworks I’ve got a real interest in simple interfaces and came across this recently. Drop-in switcher …

2020-05-27: Made cheese burgers 🍔

2020-05-27: Made a little picture in my journal.

2020-05-26: Can you see the baby turkey 🦃

2020-05-26: Took a different approach to my journal today. I set a timer for 10 minutes and just kept writing. …

2020-05-25: We got a new bench.

2020-05-24: My family made cinnamon rolls. Usually, I’m the baker 👨🏿‍🍳 of the family.

2020-05-23: More pictures of the park during quarantine. It seems remarkable that I was more worried about the …

2020-05-22: A brisk walk.

2020-05-22: Going for a walk.

2020-05-21: If you haven’t noticed already, I’m trying to post a picture every day for 30 days.

2020-05-20: Hello @manton! Would it be easy for you to implement a trim on the accessibility description? I use …

2020-05-20: The only good bug 🐜 is a dead bug!

2020-05-19: Turkey Bur Making turkey burgers 🍔

2020-05-19: So many dishes!

2020-05-18: Getting dressed up to see the dentist 🦷

2020-05-17: More pictures of flowers.

2020-05-16: About to hang up some pictures in the house.

2020-05-15: It’s been a while since I’ve been on top of things like this.

2020-05-15: Color challenge blue

2020-05-14: Went for a walk with my new iPhone SE.

2020-05-14: Color challenge Green

2020-05-13: Color challenge day 3 Yellow Ethernet cord

2020-05-12: Color challenge 🌈 Orange 🛋

2020-05-11: Color challenge 🌈 Red mouse.

2020-05-11: I found an Ant.

2020-05-11: “Ms. Monopoly”

2020-05-10: The older cook books seem to have the better recipes.

2020-05-09: Cake time!

2020-05-08: Got to clean up the back area today.

2020-05-07: Picked up my sleep apnea test machine.

2020-05-07: Quarantine Corndogs!

2020-05-06: Shrinkflation on the cream found in an oreo. I guess I have to get them double stuffed.

2020-05-06: An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough. -Stephen Colbert #mbmay 💬

2020-05-06: I bought flowers from my favorite flower 🌺 shop.

2020-05-05: This is such a weird year.

2020-05-04: I met someone who said that the coronavirus is just a hoax. I don’t feel that this person is dumb, …

2020-05-03: Not much happening this weekend.

2020-05-03: Making waffles 🧇!

2020-05-02: Watching my kid play roblox.

2020-05-01: Yes, I’m using all three.

2020-04-30: C’mon people! We live here!

2020-04-30: Really feeling down today.

2020-04-28: I thought I would give Ulysses a try for writing in. The short story that I’ve been working on …

2020-04-26: I’m thinking about posting the number of tasks that I finish this week.

2020-04-24: Years ago, if you said that the president wanted people to look into using disinfectant as a way to …

2020-04-23: I take a lot of pictures of food.

2020-04-23: Updated to Catalina on the family machine.

2020-04-22: If they die... I came across this little number. Stay safe everyone! Someone needs to be around to write the …

2020-04-18: I wish Game Center had worked out better. Maybe they can bring it back with a new update of “Sign in …

2020-04-18: I’m doing a little more everyday.

2020-04-18: Maybe I’ll catch up with @danielpunkass one day.

2020-04-14: Cleaning up the inbox.

2020-04-14: Just finished a seven day streak of working out. Hoping to continue with positive routines.

2020-04-13: A cool thing about working from home is that it has given me a lot more flexibility with my time. …

2020-04-11: I know there are a lot of people who are going to be reviewing their budgets during this pandemic.

2020-04-11: Ok today, I’m going to focus on doing a couple things. Going through my email and calendar …

2020-04-10: I’m going to fish this book.

2020-04-10: Things like this are part of the reason that I don’t upgrade to Catalina.

2020-04-09: Haven’t finished all of these on the same day in a while.

2020-04-09: Messing with clips.

2020-04-08: I’ve been trying to coin the term “Corona Kids” for all the upcoming births in …

2020-04-02: Went for a little walk.

2020-04-02: The case for postponing macOS 16 A couple of my friends have been saying they needed to slow down …

2020-04-01: This is the third week that I’ve worked from home. I’ve moved my “work area” every week …

2020-03-29: Not a time for playing around.

2020-03-28: I’ve decided to use the automation in drafts to forward things like this text to places like …

2020-03-27: I think that home automation is going have a huge improvement next year.

2020-03-24: Spent almost and hour getting my website to be parsed properly by IndieWebify. My site was always …

2020-03-24: Firefox and Safari are really great browsers.

2020-03-23: Is anyone else other than me running Mojave?

2020-03-23: Buckle Down For The Second Week Initial podcast! Decided not to let imperfection stop me from posting. Just some thoughts on the …

2020-03-23: My fitness app granted me permission to eat an entire battery!

2020-03-23: Still thinking about making that podcast. Perfect is really being the enemy here.

2020-03-17: It's a very different time It’s just the uncertainty of it that has been wondering. It’s a lot different than the …

2020-03-17: Today is the first full day of me working from home due to covid. I think I might start a podcast.

2020-03-15: Stop 🛑 Panicking

2020-03-08: The keyboard shortcuts stopped working on my laptop 👨🏾‍💻 and I started to freak for a minute.

2020-03-06: Just some random picture.

2020-03-05: Let’s get started!

2020-03-05: Can’t find my journal 📔

2020-03-02: Ah man! I didn’t make the 30 day challenge. Oh well, it was still a load of fun.

2020-03-01: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Vision #mbfeb

2020-02-29: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Leap #mbfeb Leap in Cholesterol

2020-02-28: I’m noticing a lot of adds for Apple Arcade in the last couple weeks. Listen you already got my …

2020-02-28: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Below #mbfeb

2020-02-27: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Double #mbfeb

2020-02-26: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Escape #mbfeb

2020-02-26: Idea that I had about doing sketch notes for swift.

2020-02-26: I spilled tea all over my backpack 🎒

2020-02-25: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Hurdle #mbfeb This stack of pancakes is certainly …

2020-02-24: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Double #mbfeb

2020-02-23: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Station #mbfeb Ready to blast off!

2020-02-22: A nice flower.

2020-02-22: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Spectical #mbfeb

2020-02-21: Oh 🦌!

2020-02-21: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Progress #mbfeb Maybe not every day but moving …

2020-02-20: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Scale #mbfeb

2020-02-19: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Space #mbfeb

2020-02-18: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Oppose #mbfeb

2020-02-17: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Cool #mbfeb

2020-02-16: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Rest #mbfeb

2020-02-14: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Balance #mbfeb An ant crawling on the wall. I …

2020-02-14: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Warmth #mbfeb Air fryer

2020-02-13: Keep up mulling this blog post about fantastical. Just having trouble putting it into words.

2020-02-13: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Rise #mbfeb

2020-02-12: Just realized that I can included an accessible description of my images.

2020-02-12: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Attachment #mbfeb Because it’s an attachment to …

2020-02-11: I think I’ll look for a night time writing prompt for tomorrow night. For tonight, I’m going …

2020-02-11: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Plain #mbfeb

2020-02-10: I set a timer to do some writing ✍️ today. 20 minutes goes by really fast when you’re having fun.

2020-02-10: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Sign #mbfeb

2020-02-09: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Lull #mbfeb

2020-02-08: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Contrast #mbfeb The contrast of the green and red …

2020-02-08: Update to editorial It’s good to get an update and even better that he’s focusing on his mental …

2020-02-07: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Above #mbfeb

2020-02-06: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Plant #mbfeb

2020-02-05: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Hide #mbfeb

2020-02-05: It’s kind of weird that they are releasing this in March. Maybe they should have targeted WWDC 2020 …

2020-02-04: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Spot #mbfeb

2020-02-04: Listen people, not everyone needs to run for president to enact change. There are many things you …

2020-02-04: Trying to think of a picture that encompasses the word “spot”.

2020-02-03: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Reflect #mbfeb

2020-02-02: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Sight #mbfeb I cheated with this one.

2020-02-01: Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt for to day is: Open #mbfeb

2020-02-01: I re-enabled crossposting from to promote the 30 photo challenge.

2020-01-31: Open

2020-01-29: Just deleted a post because it doesn’t help make the world a better place.

2020-01-29: I won first place at my speech contest!

2020-01-28: Fantastical It feels like fantastical is going to move to a subscription.

2020-01-28: And that just part of what makes smoking 🚬 so disgusting to me.

2020-01-28: When I’m trying to get control of my life, I find myself fighting that feeling of shame for …

2020-01-27: I love the ability to set a hyperkey Make Your CAPS LOCK Key Do Double Duty As a Modifier Key and Caps Lock – 40Tech: Your Caps Lock key …

2020-01-27: Just used certbot to make sure that my site was served over https and I found it super fun and -dare …

2020-01-27: I’ve got three notebooks 📓 that I can use for projects and I left all of them at home. 🤦🏾‍♂️

2020-01-23: Playing around with MindNode 7.

2020-01-22: Interesting article about google.

2020-01-17: Is this enough?

2020-01-13: It’s the little things in life.

2020-01-13: Going on a food budget.

2020-01-12: Dungeons & Dragon

2020-01-09: The year started with great aspirations but now is time for Planning and Actions to make it happen.

2020-01-09: I’ve decided to give Headspace a chance.

2020-01-09: Woke up from a nightmare. Really need to take a second before trying to get back to sleep.

2020-01-07: I feel better after yesterdays little brush with the internet.

2020-01-06: One of the hairs from my mustache was ripped out by the root!

2020-01-06: The morning before work starts.

2020-01-06: I just looked at the archive of my personal blog and it says that I’ve been blogging for 10 years.

2020-01-05: Going for a little walk

2020-01-01: Decided to place ALL of my python projects on hold so I can focus on my swift development.

2019-12-31: One last time!

2019-12-31: Thinking about going all in with the Swift programming language next year.

2019-12-30: Let’s try this again…

2019-12-30: Playing around with a new app idea. MindMap

2019-12-27: Downhill | Uncrate Really looking forward to this movie. I like the Will Ferrell drama films. I saw this trailer with …

2019-12-26: Why am I always questioning what I do with my website and domain?

2019-12-25: Website is back up and Running!

2019-12-24: Email isn’t working today. I’m not in a hurry to fix it.

2019-12-23: I think… … I think I might hate christmas. Little “c”.

2019-12-23: Spending some time programming in swift. It’s kind of frustrating when swiftui gives me an error I …

2019-12-22: Spent most of the day being productive AND watching “The Mandalorian”.

2019-12-20: Just saw the latest Star Wars and I enjoyed it a great deal!

2019-12-20: Trying Evernote again.

2019-12-19: One of my coworkers bought an iPhone after having used android for years. I found myself saying …

2019-12-18: Playing with a mechanical keyboard.

2019-12-17: I want to write more, but I don’t know what to write about. Plus I don’t want to write …

2019-12-16: I really need to wake up fully before I post something online.

2019-12-15: Fighting the desire for a nap.

2019-12-14: Spending a little time thinking.

2019-12-13: Friday the 13th!

2019-12-12: Someone tore off the back of my chair.

2019-12-11: “I’ll just tweek this part… should only take me 5 minutes”…

2019-12-11: I’ve been feeling the itch all week to write some more code. So addictive.

2019-12-11: Went to bed early last night and woke up sick.

2019-12-10: Today was a pretty good day. I’m looking forward to what happens tomorrow.

2019-12-09: Switching my domain from enom to hover. Worst case scenario is that I don’t have email for a couple …

2019-12-09: Steak for lunch.

2019-12-09: Wonder Woman 1984 | Official Trailer - YouTube Really looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie coming out. Wonder Woman 1984 | Official …

2019-12-09: Woke up but feeling very loooow on patience today. I’m going to do some breathing exercises and see …

2019-12-08: Thanksgiving again!

2019-12-07: A simple movie test. Created a small movie to see how much effort it would take if I wanted to challenge myself with …

2019-12-07: Slow day today. Sometimes we need these in order to clear our mind.

2019-12-06: I’m very happy that it’s Friday. The weekend has a lot of opportunity… Probably going to …

2019-12-05: Fall in California. Pop

2019-12-04: This isn’t cool.

2019-12-04: Gave a donation today. It felt good and I encourage others to do the same.

2019-12-03: Finally got those Nachos I’ve been friending for.

2019-12-02: If will power is a muscle, I’ve been really using it today.

2019-12-02: I’ve decided to give reeder a try to stay on top of the news.

2019-12-01: Microblogging all month for December!

2019-11-25: Going the distance!

2019-11-25: I’m happy right now. I’m not able to get everything done but I’m still happy with the process.

2019-11-20: Microblogvember prompt: Second I find myself reading a lot of comics and having thoughts about …

2019-11-20: Working out early in the morning. The energy drink I had this afternoon is keeping me up. Still …

2019-11-19: Pretty good day today.

2019-11-18: I’m going to challenge myself to post something new everyday for the rest of the year. #goals

2019-11-18: I never knew this could happen!

2019-11-17: I’ve been having some problems focusing recently. I spent a lot of time sleeping today and …

2019-11-15: Met my goal for exercise.

2019-11-15: Taking a moment before work.

2019-11-14: I just lost myself reading code... It was all python based and focused on scratching my own itch.

2019-11-14: Just a small brisk walk

2019-11-14: Moved my blog to today.

2019-11-11: Spending time at the zoo.

2019-11-11: I can’t be the only one who still prickles at the thought that save as isn’t directly under file.

2019-10-17: Don’t park that chicken here!

2019-10-17: 100 Days of SwiftUI – Hacking with Swift 100 Days of SwiftUI – Hacking with Swift: Welcome to the 100 Days of SwiftUI! This is a free …

2019-10-09: I’m thinking about doing the California International Marathon as part of a relay team. I think I …

2019-09-24: So, I connected MarsEdit to my account tonight. It’s a nice little editor.

2019-09-20: Making turkey burgers!

2019-09-04: Trying to read without my glasses. Pointless!

2019-08-27: The family computer won’t boot up. Not a great moment in computing.

2019-08-23: Waiting for Windows to restart… 💀

2019-08-07: I don’t know what to say about this.

2019-08-04: Woke up to reAd about another shooting. Instantly tired of having to think about “another”.

2019-07-23: I left my lunch at home. 🤦🏾‍♂️

2019-07-18: I got the writing bug today but I don’t know where to go first.

2019-07-14: My favorite place to take a picture

2019-07-08: First day of diet… So hungry…

2019-07-02: I’m on the iOS 13 beta!

2019-06-28: I hope that I get some sleep tonight. I’ve been really exhasted the last couple of days. Maybe …

2019-06-09: Going over bills with the wife. Listen people, if you don’t budget it, you are only hurting …

2019-06-04: It’s a little weird. Normally, the videos for WWDC are posted that day. I really want to see …

2019-05-24: Skewers for dinner!

2019-05-21: Turkey burgers!

2019-05-21: Just looking at the sky before work.

2019-05-02: Spending some time grilling.

2019-04-29: Just found out that the Day One app has a way to create little drawings that you can put in your …

2019-04-26: Making dinner

2019-04-18: Sometimes I forget how good I am at technology.

2019-04-08: I’m running on a 13” Mid 2009 MacBook Pro. I still love it, I don’t have the …

2019-03-23: Just finished reading about “Why” Charles Manson and his “family “ did what they did. It’s sad that …

2019-03-18: Spending some time just looking at the screen…

2019-03-16: Moving all my blog posts from Dropbox to git this weekend. Haven’t decided on GitHub or bit bucket.

2019-03-10: I’ve given up comics for lint. I don’t know what to do with myself right now.

2019-02-26: I wish I was doing more writing.

2019-02-10: Time for D&D!

2019-01-26: I haven’t touched my inbow in days and I’m really starting to feel it. I got to get back …

2019-01-21: Really hard to restart a habit where I’m constantly thinking about how good I imagined I was. …

2019-01-20: For years, I’ve been using Apple Pages to work on my resume. Today, I think I’m going to …

2019-01-18: Having a healthy lunch.

2019-01-17: I wrote this last year and haven’t done anything to make it happen.

2019-01-17: Yesterday was filled will a lot of anger. I was angry that no one was listening to me at work. I was …

2019-01-15: I know a lot of people are excited that there is a new Spiderman trailer, but I’d be happier …

2019-01-09: Slightly better day today.

2019-01-08: It wasn’t the best day, but I’m praying that this is the worst day I experience this year.

2019-01-08: Well, today is starting off with a lot of friction.

2019-01-03: Didn’t know the bathroom was this clean…

2019-01-03: Happy Almost End if the First Week of the New Year!

2019-01-02: Every time I consider switching… This time it couldn’t finish with the smiley face.

2019-01-02: A picture of someone happy to be here!

2019-01-01: I turned off cross posting to twitter because it meant that I had to places to check for replies. …

2019-01-01: Thinking about taking a picture every day. This is just a simple one to get me started.

2018-12-31: Sitting at my desk and just enjoying a quiet contemplative moment.

2018-12-30: Got my domain renewed for another year and verified on

2018-12-29: Thinking about going all in with and even doing a podcast next year.

2018-12-18: This is what I meant. 15 items to review. It means I’m not going through my list properly.

2018-12-18: I got to get this under control.

2018-12-13: I still like the idea of micro blogging. It feels good to just sit down and write without having to …

2018-12-10: I’ve got a smart folder set up that just looks at how many pieces of email I get in a day. …

2018-12-09: Just working on some python

2018-12-07: Can’t wait to get home and watch the good place!

2018-12-03: Soup is good.

2018-12-01: Going to give have an advent calendar of compliments for everyone. Let me know if you’d like a …

2018-11-26: Today is almost over! So much has changed and I haven’t spent any money!

2018-11-22: Happy Pre-Black Friday

2018-11-21: So happy to have tomorrow off.

2018-11-20: I wasted a lot of time this morning. I’ve got to change my thinking and write down my morning …

2018-11-17: Today was a good day!

2018-11-16: Lunch!

2018-11-16: When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer but let the world tell me no. Now I feel a pain every …

2018-11-15: Home office setup.

2018-11-13: For the first time in my life, I’m eating salad with out dressing.

2018-11-12: Smoke on the brain. Not getting much done.

2018-11-10: The waiting game is the worst game ever.

2018-11-08: Breakfast of champions

2018-11-07: Weird day of getting weird things done.

2018-11-06: A good sandwich!

2018-11-05: Starting another week. 🌝

2018-11-05: Happy Monday world.

2018-10-30: Wow, the iPad Pro looks pretty good. Don’t know if I can justify it.

2018-10-29: Trying to eat healthy snacks makes me not eat as many. So, I guess that works.

2018-10-28: Just finished Robocop. It took me two weeks because I could only watch it when people weren’t …

2018-10-26: Might be getting a new iPad… for someone else.

2018-10-25: Sitting in the home office.

2018-10-25: Let’s try this whole “day” thing again.

2018-10-24: Very long day. Still have a lot on my mind. No definitive answers yet.

2018-10-22: Looking at the Office 2019 suite and it seems nice.

2018-10-21: I’m going to start a 30 day challenge for making some everyday.

2018-10-19: I got invited to use OmniFocus on the web!

2018-10-18: Spent some times going through my Apple notes. It felt good to see some old favorites.

2018-10-18: I signed papers today. Hacktoberfest 2018: How you can get your free shirt — even if you’re new to …

2018-10-17: Just went through a ton of email. I get a lot of junk.

2018-10-16: Ask for help can be hard sometimes.

2018-10-16: Good morning sunshine!

2018-10-15: Went through OmniFocus today and nothing needed to be reviewed.

2018-10-14: Playing Dungeons and Dragons

2018-10-13: So, I reset my iPhone and now I’m only going to load the applications as I need them.

2018-10-11: Blue berry sausage #abomination

2018-10-08: In the office early. The sun hasn’t risen.

2018-10-07: Monday is just hours away!

2018-10-06: I’m celebrating my moment of inner peace by checking out social media.

2018-10-04: It was a pretty sunset.

2018-10-04: Just winding down for the night.

2018-10-03: My feet smell really badly. I think I should see a doctor.

2018-10-02: Website is still in funky state but I’m not at home to fix it. I know my fans are disappointed.

2018-10-02: So, I moved my site back to github for hosting. It’s going to take a couple minutes for …

2018-10-01: My website has been down for days… I don’t think anyone noticed.

2018-09-30: Sunday, a day of rest… Supposedly…

2018-09-29: My family likes making ciphers for fun.

2018-09-29: Really enjoying the latest update to GamePigeon. Message me if you want to connect.

2018-09-28: No such thing as too many Star Wars toys on the desk.

2018-09-28: I feel good for the first time in weeks.

2018-09-28: I love “The good place”. The problem is that I watch it on Hulu and it isn’t available until the …

2018-09-27: I think today was pretty decent.

2018-09-26: I’ve got a headache and past due deadlines. One feeds into the other!

2018-09-25: First Evernote starts having their 40% sale and then I see this deal for 25% on Dropbox. Should I be …

2018-09-25: My little workout from yesterday.

2018-09-25: I’ve been doing some exercise. A little here and a little there. It makes a difference.

2018-09-24: The view out of my window is inviting.

2018-09-24: All my deadlines are due on Friday and I don’t feel I’m going to meet them.

2018-09-23: Korean fried chicken was delicious! 😋

2018-09-22: Just relaxing

2018-09-22: I strive to make my code legiable to the future me. It’s a great investment.

2018-09-21: Started a new meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ practice yesterday. If I remember to do it today, it’ll be two days.

2018-09-21: Went for a walk and… there was sooo much sweat 😓

2018-09-21: Friday is here to kick off the celebration that Monday is only 3 days away!

2018-09-19: Calling in sick today. Just need a moment to think.

2018-09-18: Just trying to take care of myself.

2018-09-18: I was thinking I was having a bad day, but a coworker convinced me to look for what brings me …

2018-09-17: Is there some kind of update coming out this week?

2018-09-17: Not a great day for me today. Where did all the time go?

2018-09-16: Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest… and I sit here about to do paperwork.

2018-09-15: Long day today… Just thinking about how to make the most of the evening.

2018-09-14: Drafts continues to be one of the most powerful apps that I’m not using.

2018-09-13: These fake flowers bring real joy.

2018-09-12: Working at Apple is just what Jony Ive is doing until his voice acting career starts to take off.

2018-09-12: Hanging out with a good friend to watch the Keynote. It’s the small things in life.

2018-09-12: Still working out kinks to get my blog to feed directly into Here is my latest post

2018-09-12: The most exciting thing about the new iPhone X announcement is that I’ll be able to buy the 7 and 6s …

2018-09-11: Taking a walk

2018-09-11: Just watching the kids have a good time.

2018-09-11: Re-enabled my account today. Just want to see how it feels to reconnect with the …

2018-04-04: Going for a quick walk

2018-03-03: Spending time at a new restaurant. It’s nice to experience something different.

2018-03-01: Still not a fan of Apple’s decision to take a bunch of functionality out of iTunes and leave us with …

2018-03-01: Work has been kinda weird these last couple of days. Trying to find a little bit of peace in a crazy …

2018-02-28: I never understood why people post pictures of there lunch. Maybe to remind themselves of what they …

2018-02-16: Sitting at the cafeteria at work. Just wondering if I’ll be doing what I’m doing 5 Years from now.

2018-02-08: I found out that one of my coworkers liked West world as well. I’m excited to have someone to talk …

2018-02-08: Pretty good lunch from home

2018-02-03: Just a simple

2018-02-01: I’ve got 44 minutes before I have to head home. I’m planning on using this time to …

2018-01-31: I made a cake last night. Not happy with the frosting but I thin the rest of it should be fine.

2017-06-28: I don’t have any where else to post my clips but Twitter! I’ve got to come up with a …

2017-06-23: We’ve been together for a long time.

2017-06-01: Just enjoying a salad while hanging out with my family.

2017-05-09: I don’t know where I want to go with social media.

2017-05-07: Well, starting another day and it looks like allergies are already fighting against me.

2017-05-04: Really enjoying Streaks.

2017-04-30: I don’t know what this is, but it makes me calm.

2017-04-29: Another picture of a desert island

2017-04-28: Just made a quick sketch for no other reason but to relax and smile

2017-04-28: The view from a window next to my cubicle.

2017-04-28: Woke up early to get to work today. It’s nice to have a sense of accomplishment this early in …

2017-04-27: I don’t have much to say at this point

2017-04-27: Ok, I’m going to have fun with this.