Lots of typos today. 🤦🏾‍♂️

I cut off.

All the hair on my head in one ball.

I’m at a recycling center

I’m at the recycling center.

They give you tags with a number and you get called one at a time to have your materials exchanged for cash.

Everyone is working hard to make that money.

I’m using exercise as my stress relief. I set myself up to lose 30 pounds in the next year. I’ve gained 2 so far.


Walk information!

Went for a morning walk.

A tree.

Intel’s stock is really taking a hit.

Intel stocks have a downward trend.

Went for a walk.

It was 90+ degrees.

The trees near the bike trail.

I remember that last year people were talking about the reliability of the iOS betas. That’s not a real topic this time and I feel that should be celebrated.

My favorite new feature?

A new date picker!

My podcast feeds are going to be filled for the next couple of weeks.

No humans were hurt during the creation of this keynote.

This is a pretty good keynote so far.

I saw a guy riding a bike and holding two chainsaws. I said “only in America“ and he smiled and said “you’re right”.

Hey! If there wasn’t enough stress in my life.

The family has challenged me to take smaller bites as I eat. Now life has no meaning.

Top ramen one noodle at a time.

1000 things!

1000 unread items in net newswire.

Went for a walk to just relieve some stress.


I say this too many times.

I wish I had done my morning journal.

My brain 🧠 hurts today.

Found myself yelling at the screen because someone used comic sans in an email for work.


Mold on mold.

Mushroom with mold.

Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main - Scott Hanselman

I remember a speech I heard years ago about the fact that if a master dies the slave is still not free.

After “last night”, I think this is appropriate.

Waiting for coffee.

It’s 3:50 AM. The wife and I have been talking for the last 2 hours about where we are in life and the upcoming issues.

I vaguely hear sirens in the distance.

Went for a bike 🚲 ride.

Cream colored bike.